An Ode to Lovecraft

Hello Everyone,

So, this last short story was written while I was on a research cruise. When I went on my first research cruise I brought along a journal to record the trip. I joked with a fellow graduate student that I should write fictional stories about haunting events happening on the cruise. This way, if the ship ever went down, I would have placed a journal in a plastic bag that may be found among the wreckage. The fictional accounts of hauntings could live on in the minds of conspiracy theorist for years to come. It was ambitious, but the cruises were far too hectic to really have that kind of fun.

On one of the cruises, I had some time to sit down and actually write something similar to it, just for fun. Being off the coast of the New England, I was obviously inspired by Lovecraft, like so many other writers. So, I decided to play a little in his universe.

Also, I was looking to experiment with atmosphere building for a horror or monster story. I’m still looking to write some horror stories, but I wanted to experiment with the technique first. And here it is.



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