Haha! Apparently we get badges during NaNoWriMo. I found it a bit hilarious. So far I’ve collected three word badges for hitting the daily limit of 1,667 words, the 5,000 word mark, and the big 10,000 word mark. I surpassed 10,000 words yesterday. Hooray! I’m officially over 20% percent finished with this grand adventure.

The writing has been a drill. Everyday I push myself to finish the 1,667 word quota and push myself a little further. For instance, I discovered that if I hit my goal within the middle of a page, I will continue to write until I finish the page.

I missed the feeling of being lost in a writing exercise. I try to budget my time as I work full time and I have other obligations from paying bills to updating this blog (and there must always be time for fun); however, there are times where I see that I kept writing behind the time I had allotted. It gives me a pleasant feeling of accomplishment. I also feel less guilty about stopping when I know that I’ve gone beyond the quota.

However, because I keep writing and moving on, I wonder how much of this writing will find its way into the final product. Sometimes I’m drawing out descriptions or dialogue to continue the word count. Sometimes, I’ve also done unexpected things to add to the plot. Also, this is a great time to just let my characters play and interact with one another. If I let the characters take over, I just write with little concern of running out of things to write about. Characters also ruin my control.

Word Count: 12,803

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