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A Little More Organization

So, I took some time today to organize the daily-prompt-inspired short stories into their own pages under the One-word Writing Prompts menu. If you hover of the that menu, you will see “The Artifact” and “Just A Little Family Curse”. … Continue reading

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Chapter Six: This Is How It Will Go

Jacob watched, not his mother, but several soldiers dressed in WWII uniform enter the room. Their faces were sullen and expressionless and accentuated by empty eye sockets. That emptiness stared at Jacob. His grandfather was among them. He was the … Continue reading

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Chapter Five: Bedridden

“Hey, Son.” “Dad?” It was a muffled voice, as if heard through a thin wooden wall, but it definitely sounded like Dad. “Yes, what are you doing? Why are you running?” ‘What do you mean?” “You can’t stop it. Just … Continue reading

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Chapter Four: Just Another Day Under a Curse

Jacob shielded his eyes from the headlights of passing vehicles. Their passing glare just added to his already mounting frustrations. Sarah started to giggle again. She was still having a good laugh at his expense. She would barely talk to … Continue reading

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