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Chapter 3: Time to Find that Damn Hero

Read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 here. Darren sprinted through the dark city streets. Another agonizing scream reached his ears. He willed his legs to move faster. Jacob was supposed to be a distraction, a delay tactic. No one would miss that piece-of-shit arms … Continue reading

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Happy Something-Or-Other

  Bob was delighted. The yellow ribbons and painted fireworks on his blue, elastic skin were the decoration the parents needed to add to their bouquet of rubber and helium. Weave was there as well. He proudly wore a cake … Continue reading

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Chapter 2: A Deal Gone Weird

Check out Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 here. “Lord Rinsen will appreciate your efforts moving arms to his front lines.” “I just would love to see Duke Wells’ face when he sees artillery pummel his murderous infantry ranks. Wish I could be there.” “No, … Continue reading

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Chapter 1: With a Gentle Hand

Check out Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 here. With a gentle hand she caressed the Weird. White eyes, lacking pupils, peered at her. The eyes were transient. The flesh of the Weird would absorb the eyes randomly and create others in different places along … Continue reading

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Lord of The Swamp

I am the lord of this swamp. Not enough trees? Okay, so it’s a lake. Not deep enough? Fine, it’s a pond. But, it’s my pond! I brandish my yellow War paint proudly. My tower shield, Slung over my back, … Continue reading

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