Lord of The Swamp

I am the lord of this swamp.
Not enough trees?
Okay, so it’s a lake.
Not deep enough?

Fine, it’s a pond.
But, it’s my pond!

I brandish my yellow
War paint proudly.
My tower shield,
Slung over my back,
Is my defense
Against invaders, like you.
My jaw is a solid trap of bone.
I will grip your arm with the fury
Of a dog with its favorite toy!

You’re still laughing!
You do not believe!
Fine! I’ll just bite off your fingers.

Quit Laughing!

Fine! I’ll bite and tug your finger,
Probably leave a cut
That you’ll soothe
By sucking on your finger.
Then you’ll get salmonella!

Stop walking closer!

Let me just turn
My ponderous bulk
And dare you to approach.

Touché, you show no fear.

Ah, nevermind, I’ll just slide
Off this rock and
Into the water to hide.

I’m not running,
You no longer amuse me
And I’m still
Lord of this pond.

© 2017 C.J. Staryk. All Rights Reserved.

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1 Response to Lord of The Swamp

  1. brettfish says:

    Nice one, it’s fun and believable. Well done.
    love brett fish


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