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Brazos Bend

It was late in the morning, and the line to enter Brazos Bend State Park was already long. The state park is south of Houston and is a favorite day time spot for families. Elm Lake is in the center … Continue reading

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Chapter Eight: A Terran Problem

New to the Serial? Start from beginning here. Mendin entered the hexagonal war room. A circular, gray table was in the center, bounded by metallic, concave walls. Three other officers were present at the circular table. Two stood at Captain Firehoon’s … Continue reading

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Chapter 8: Just Wanted One Moment

Start the story from the beginning with these links: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6. Darren slumped into the chair. He exhaled slowly and haphazardly tapped the table to a beat he heard once but couldn’t place. Who knew being … Continue reading

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I enjoy sunrises and sunsets equally. Each represents a different way of approaching a day, like bookends with all the stories in between. A sunrise is the promise of the coming day. It promises a mixture of the plans that … Continue reading

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