Adventurers on Land, Sea, and Air

Apart from Trashy Stories, I also like to log my travels. I’m a bit of a wanderer and I plan to do much more over the years. Sometimes, I’m a lone vagabond and at other times I’m accompanied by those who also have a sense of adventure. I’ve been on solo road trips, hiking trips, and ocean research cruises. All of them tend to have some unique experience or personal growth that make them worth sharing. Sometimes even a simple to visit back home becomes a profound philosophical journey. I never really know what will happen on any of my travels.

I’ve made the joke recently that my adventure plans tend to be a series of Plan B’s. I usually have a well-planned out journey, but then the plan is typically thrown and improvisation becomes the new rule. My Plan B’s sometimes turn out really well and other times the adventures turn out poorly. Either way, the adventures may just make for a good story or two. The best and worst part is that the stories here are always true (and I’m at least sober). So, sit back and perhaps you can learn about what not to do or try it yourself. Oh wait, perhaps you shouldn’t try any of this at home. Well, it’s best to not try this home, get out in the world.

This writer takes no responsibility for anything (good or bad) that may happen on your journeys, although you are free to share similar experiences in the comment section.


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