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Chapter 9: The Shadow

New to the story or need a refresher, check out the Table of Contents! “There you have it, Eric,” President Jim Marsen said as he slumped back into his chair. His right elbow rested on the table, his fingers holding a … Continue reading

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Not Dead . . . Yet

Hey Echoes, I did not intend to be quiet this long. I’m a bit ashamed of it. Life has been busy and not entirely pleasant. High stress, high anxiety, and major depression do not make good writing companions. In any … Continue reading

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Life in the Way

Hey Everyone, This is just a quick update. I’m still writing and have plans to keep posting here. I just ran into a few snags in the real world this summer. My real job really kicks into high gear for … Continue reading

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Brazos Bend: There be Gators

This year, I made a second trip to Brazos Bend State Park. I was there to find alligators as my last trip was unsuccessful. I arrived at the park early, and I headed out to the trails near the lake. I … Continue reading

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Chapter Nine: Everything I Know

Follow the links to other chapters in this story here. Darren’s knuckles were raw, bruised, and bloody. It had been awhile since he had enjoyed giving a good beating. Sometimes, Esmeralda had a good idea Darren could really sink his teeth … Continue reading

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Capturing the Angry Sea

For all the research trips I have been on, none feel like my days in the coastal North Atlantic. My challenge on every trip had always been a way to capture the grandeur of the ocean. On a November trip, … Continue reading

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Brazos Bend

It was late in the morning, and the line to enter Brazos Bend State Park was already long. The state park is south of Houston and is a favorite day time spot for families. Elm Lake is in the center … Continue reading

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Chapter Eight: A Terran Problem

New to the Serial? Start from beginning here. Mendin entered the hexagonal war room. A circular, gray table was in the center, bounded by metallic, concave walls. Three other officers were present at the circular table. Two stood at Captain Firehoon’s … Continue reading

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Chapter 8: Just Wanted One Moment

Start the story from the beginning with these links: Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6. Darren slumped into the chair. He exhaled slowly and haphazardly tapped the table to a beat he heard once but couldn’t place. Who knew being … Continue reading

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I enjoy sunrises and sunsets equally. Each represents a different way of approaching a day, like bookends with all the stories in between. A sunrise is the promise of the coming day. It promises a mixture of the plans that … Continue reading

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