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Chapter Ten: Hatching a Plan

Mentally shocked, Mendin kept his composure rigid in the sector commander’s presence. How could the probe still be operational? It had imploded. Where did it go? “We scanned the planet repeatedly,” the sector commander continued. “Nothing. The Terran cruisers must … Continue reading

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Returning to a Family Curse

Hello Echoes, The thing about experimenting on this website is the ability to change things when they didn’t quite work out. Just Another Family Curse was one of the three serials I started on the website, but I never liked … Continue reading

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Just a Creek

Hey Echoes, During the winter, I head back home to see the family. I also visit the place that would always give me a sense of calm from the outside world and the theater of lunatics in my head. It … Continue reading

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2019 Updates

Hello Echoes, I hope everyone is well. I have been okay and I am crawling out of some unfriendly places. I was deep in a science fiction short story that I want published in a local short story anthology. So … Continue reading

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History in the Trees

I returned to Virginia during the winter and visited a few parks where I spent a lot of time growing up. These pictures are from a park in Newport News, VA. It’s the city park that surrounds the city reservoir. … Continue reading

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Missed the Mark

A glitzy sphere is lowered on a rail. Elation swells, confetti clogs the street: a paper mâché fog. Far away, I sit in a chair, aware that the New Year will be greeted by the same folly from the year … Continue reading

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Instagram Update

Hey Echoes, In a weird attempt to increase my social presence, I have joined Instagram. I’ll be posting photos taken on my trips there. It will be a preview for whenever I am working on another vagabonding story or a … Continue reading

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Twitter Update

Hello Echoes, Well, I did it! I have joined twitter, so you have more ways to connect and interact with me. It’s also another way to get news about the work I’m doing when I don’t have time for a … Continue reading

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Red Touch Yellow

It was a foggy morning. It was still, but I heard the murmur of the city just beyond the low tree line. The fog isolated me from the residential area not too far away from the wetland trail. Fewer people … Continue reading

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A Shout Out

Hello Echoes, I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to a dear friend who runs Five Day Photography. He recently returned from a cross-country road trip. He took some amazing pictures, building up his portfolio. Check … Continue reading

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