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The Camera Loves You, Baby

When I’m taking photos, I focus on landscape vistas to capture the places that I have wandered through. Sometimes a single event, plant, or animal, sparks my interest. Then all my attention is centered. This happened on a beach hike … Continue reading

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Another Update

Hey Everyone, So this is a quick update about future plans. I will continue two of the stories inspired from WordPress’s daily word prompts (The Artifact and It Came From the Wizard’s Cellar). I like the serial format and I … Continue reading

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A look back in time, I was a tall, slender figure Leaning against a thicker planted post. my limbs stretched over A crossed skeleton supported by the post: a gardener’s vision. In the Spring, when I was lush and green, … Continue reading

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Writing Update

Hey Everyone, I’m still working on finishing that story I started, but I have been occupied with some other projects as well. I’m continuing work on my second novel that really started to gear up last November for NaNoWriMo. At … Continue reading

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Another Older Story

I dusted off my most recent story from the files on my computer. It was a story I once wrote to attempt to mix a personal story with some philosophical ideas I was working with at the time. I think I … Continue reading

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The First Trashy Story

Here is my first Trashy Story, Thirst. It turned out a bit more serious than I had intended, but what I have been mentally working through naturally found its way here. It was inspired by a water bottle I found … Continue reading

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Trying to Keep It Together

Hello, again. I have been a very bad blogger. I was working on a couple of stories for the Vagabonding section, but I decided that they were not up to my standards, which may still be quite low. They were … Continue reading

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A Long Story to a Short Poem

While I work on a couple more stories for future posts, I’m sharing this little poem I wrote the day I defended my Master’s thesis. It was written in the three hours between rehearsing my presentation and waiting for auditorium … Continue reading

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Officially Live

Hello, old and new fans! This website is dedicated to my writings or ramblings. These blogs will be for posting updates to new stories and changes to the site. At the moment I would like to welcome all of my … Continue reading

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