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A Bridge Into Prehistory

Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls, Oregon, is a gorgeous overlook at one of many spectacular falls in the Columbia River Gorge. It is also a glimpse into the ancient world. In geologic terms, the glimpse is fairly recent, mammals were … Continue reading

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The Myth of Permanence

My philosophical side attempts to welcome change, knowing that nothing is permanent, especially within of a mere human or even the lifespan of human civilization. I was wandering at Big Bend National Park when I took this photo. Right on … Continue reading

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The Camera Loves You, Baby

When I’m taking photos, I focus on landscape vistas to capture the places that I have wandered through. Sometimes a single event, plant, or animal, sparks my interest. Then all my attention is centered. This happened on a beach hike … Continue reading

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Another Update

Hey Everyone, So this is a quick update about future plans. I will continue two of the stories inspired from WordPress’s daily word prompts (The Artifact and It Came From the Wizard’s Cellar). I like the serial format and I … Continue reading

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A look back in time, I was a tall, slender figure Leaning against a thicker planted post. my limbs stretched over A crossed skeleton supported by the post: a gardener’s vision. In the Spring, when I was lush and green, … Continue reading

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Writing Update

Hey Everyone, I’m still working on finishing that story I started, but I have been occupied with some other projects as well. I’m continuing work on my second novel that really started to gear up last November for NaNoWriMo. At … Continue reading

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Another Older Story

I dusted off my most recent story from the files on my computer. It was a story I once wrote to attempt to mix a personal story with some philosophical ideas I was working with at the time. I think I … Continue reading

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The First Trashy Story

Here is my first Trashy Story, Thirst. It turned out a bit more serious than I had intended, but what I have been mentally working through naturally found its way here. It was inspired by a water bottle I found … Continue reading

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Trying to Keep It Together

Hello, again. I have been a very bad blogger. I was working on a couple of stories for the Vagabonding section, but I decided that they were not up to my standards, which may still be quite low. They were … Continue reading

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A Long Story to a Short Poem

While I work on a couple more stories for future posts, I’m sharing this little poem I wrote the day I defended my Master’s thesis. It was written in the three hours between rehearsing my presentation and waiting for auditorium … Continue reading

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