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Chapter Eight: A Terran Problem

New to the Serial? Start from beginning here. Mendin entered the hexagonal war room. A circular, gray table was in the center, bounded by metallic, concave walls. Three other officers were present at the circular table. Two stood at Captain Firehoon’s … Continue reading

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Chapter Seven: Debriefing

Start the Adventure from the Beginning! Chapter Links: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six Eric’s body rocked as the transport landed in the Charon’s hanger bay. His hands robotically unlocked the safety harness once the troops around him began to shuffle out. Eric was in a … Continue reading

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Story Updates

Hello! So I’ve taken some time when my current my work schedule allows to revise the first two chapters of The Artifact. Since they were originally written as a improvised story–and I didn’t expect to write a Chapter Two–I went … Continue reading

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Chapter Six: Hairless Rats

Older Chapters can be found here: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five “I can smell them through the hull.” Mendin growled just loud enough for the soldiers and the Terran prisoner near him. He especially wanted the soft human prisoner to hear it. He was … Continue reading

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